By: Sharon Bingert, Chair – Global Goodwill Ambassadors, USA


Sharon Bingert - Chair - US Board Global Goodwill Ambassadors


Both my Husband and I have Always Believed in “Paying it Forward”. Today I had an amazing experience meeting and talking to a complete stranger.

My husband and I went to a Dollar Store to browse, and possibly purchase some items there.

What happened next to me, was a “Total Surprise”.

A lady in the store was buying items for what looked like something a child would enjoy. She had one that had “Streamers with a Sunshine Character”, plus another one that had a “Happy Face with Bright Colors and Streamers”. She also had in her basket coloring books, crayons, etc.

I started to ask her about a coloring book that she was looking at, and she said that she was a nurse and had a little boy who was about 5 or 6 years old as a patient.


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